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Hardware, Embedded Systems We already introduced Dell's new laptop wonder, the Z600, to you earlier this week. What makes this laptop special is that it contains a small ARM motherboard which runs a special version of openSUSE Linux, allowing for instant access to basic functionality like checking email, browsing the web, and playing multimedia files. What's news, at least for OSNews, is that research from Dell has shown that people spent 70% of their time in the Linux environment.
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RE: Meh
by cb88 on Sat 3rd Oct 2009 20:29 UTC in reply to "Meh"
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And you trust phoenix? I don't doesn't mean we have much choice at the moment.

The fact is current BIOS and firmware run untrusted code on your computer meaning you don't really have full control.

Your only option at the moment is coreboot which is open source too bad it doesn't support every chipset yet although you can rip parts out of your current bios to make it work that is pretty naughty

/rant against phoenix

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