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Our identities online are becoming ever more valuable to the companies that we entrust them to. What happens though when a company just ups and closes shop (Pownce, for example) and deletes your stuff? Sure, the individual files you'll have on your computer anyway, you won't have lost anything as far as bits and bytes are concerned--but what about friendships you've built up with people who you only know through the service. Your data should be portable so that you can take it to any service and not lose those relationships that you've built up in one walled-garden when it collapses, or you decide to move on. OpenID tries to solve this brand-centric problem by placing you at the centre of your data and allowing the sites you trust access through a single sign-on. OSnews is contemplating implementing OpenID and would like your feedback, but there are a few questions to consider--please read on for details

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RE: Yes get openID
by Zifre on Sun 4th Oct 2009 00:20 UTC in reply to "Yes get openID"
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Yes, I joined too just to say that I would have joined a long time ago if OpenID is supported. Now that I have registered though, I don't have any use for it. This whole poll is extremely biased, because the only people who can comment are the people who are okay with creating yet another internet account. So, please, support OpenID!

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