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Hardware, Embedded Systems We already introduced Dell's new laptop wonder, the Z600, to you earlier this week. What makes this laptop special is that it contains a small ARM motherboard which runs a special version of openSUSE Linux, allowing for instant access to basic functionality like checking email, browsing the web, and playing multimedia files. What's news, at least for OSNews, is that research from Dell has shown that people spent 70% of their time in the Linux environment.
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Easy to tell you never owned an Amiga. The Amiga had some of the crappiest software around, mainly because the Amiga userbase were mainly composed of the same bunch of losers who are making up "linux is too hard for my stupid Grandparents/Pet Rock/Teletubbie to use", and pushing "Software-Ease-Of-Use stupidity

I still curse the Amiga GUI version of PKZip to this day, and the sad thing is after all these years this is exactly the kind of crap the "Usability" crowd considers to be usable software,never mind the fact it was unusable garbage,that was really pretty to look at.

Easy to tell you don't know what you're talking about. You're probably one of the same bunch of losers who based his whole opinion of Amiga software on some badly done PC port from 1988 using WB 1.3.

There are many excellent pieces of software for Amiga, some of which I still consider to be better than anything I've seen on GNU/Linux - mainly because they were designed to be simple, fast and user-friendly.

The Amiga was easy to program, so there is also plenty of crap software - like in Linux. Unlike Linux, it is easy to wade through the crap, because most Amiga software is found on one site, installs are small and installation is extremely simple without the nightmare of Linux dependency crap.

But this is a bit off topic, so I won't bother arguing any more. You believe what you want.

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