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General Development This tutorial is part I of a three-part series (part II | part III) that takes you from the most basic PHP script to working with databases and streaming from the file system by documenting the building of a document workflow system.
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RE: PHP, Zope or Ruby on Rails?
by arbour42 on Wed 13th Jul 2005 21:54 UTC in reply to "PHP, Zope or Ruby on Rails?"
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Starting from scratch? Undoubtedly Ruby on Rails.

I've used Php for 5 years and it doesn't come close to the db power of Rails. As for Zope, i have 2 books on Plone and one on Zope 3, and I still can't get a decent handle on it. Zope 3 is powerful, no doubt, but it's such a convoluted thing -- none of those books actually walks you through building a complete web site: Css, static html, dymanic html, connecting to databases, CMS workflows, etc. They give you bits and pieces, but never pull anything together. I need to build db-based apps for clients quickly, and neither Php nor Zope offer that.

Rails already has 1 oustanding book (linked above) with a very long, practical tutorial that gets you up to an intermediate level. Then the Rails book goes into a deep analysis of each part of the MVC framework. 4-5 more books are in current development.

If zope 3 had an equivalent tutorial of that quality, it would be used more. I wouldn't recommend Zope 2, as Z3 is a complete ground up re-write, and significantly improves life for the developer. Go to

to see the latest.

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