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Internet & Networking Mozilla Firefox has been outperforming Internet Explorer for a number of years, and its latest version is even faster than ever. However, there is a new, lean, free web browser on the block which runs web pages at lightning speed. It goes by the name of Google Chrome. Tweak the right settings and with some experimentation, Firefox can keep pace with Google Chrome. Unknown to many of its users, Firefox has a raft of options that can unleash the browser's true potential. With just a few minutes of your time, you can make your daily web browsing more enjoyable. Read more
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RE[2]: Chrome-like UI for Firefox
by Zifre on Mon 5th Oct 2009 20:15 UTC in reply to "RE: Chrome-like UI for Firefox"
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That's strange that Windows 7 keeps the normal title bar... does it work on Vista? I've only tested it on Linux with Compiz. It does act sort of weird under Compiz, too. It doesn't "wobble", and you can't drag the window off the screen; however, both these problems can be fixed by dragging while holding ALT (which then makes the menu bar appear when you don't want it to).

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