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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Ah, the tablet computer. For over two decades now have companies tried to get the public to buy the darn things, and yet, despite all the efforts, promises, analysts, and even personal involvement by Bill Gates, they simply never took off. Recently, the tablet has seen renewed attention - but will they succeed now?
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Cost was prohibitive ... Technology was not yet ready.

- Computer used to sale for 50k each and the OS seperately for 100k ...
- Basic Calculator where 5k each ...
- Cellphone where 3k wihout carrier plans.
- Web browser where 500$
- LCD and Plasma TV where 15k for 24"

As the technolgy get cheaper, better, faster, smaller, freer. Things that once where the domain of rich people trickle down into more places ,new and exiting markets.

Everything is really a niche market when you think about it, not everyone use the same model, brand and same device or some device in one category at all ...

- Augmented reality, ( ).
- Mobile web ( wifi, cell , 3g )
- Longer battery life.
- Internet on planes.
- Social network.
- System FSB and internal speed.
- ETC ...

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