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Hardware, Embedded Systems Just when you thought you saw it all. So, we all know about Psystar, the two lawsuits between them and Apple, and all the other stuff that's been regurgitated about ten million times on OSNews alone. Well, that little company has taken its business to the next level - by announcing an OEM licensing program.
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What I would like...
by Budd on Tue 6th Oct 2009 07:27 UTC
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... but never tried yet,is to put on my main computer (pretty powerful I must say) OS X. Just to see how it feels compared with my Mac(s). I really fancy the idea of using some 1400$ computer instead of a 3000$ MacPro.
More on to the subject:how does Psystar prove they have bought each and every copy of OS X they deliver with their systems? If Psystar will make Apple put some serial/licensig scheme for their Macs,then f--k you Psystar!

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