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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Ah, the tablet computer. For over two decades now have companies tried to get the public to buy the darn things, and yet, despite all the efforts, promises, analysts, and even personal involvement by Bill Gates, they simply never took off. Recently, the tablet has seen renewed attention - but will they succeed now?
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Tablet Nirvana
by MissinBeOS on Tue 6th Oct 2009 08:02 UTC
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I'm not quite sure what's brought the sheer amount of negativity and pessissism to this dialogue. The Apple tablet hasn't been released yet; neither has the Microsoft Courier. The Courier has had some slick animations leaked; the Apple tablet has had some nice-looking mockups.

Until & unless either of these devices gets released, there's not much point in naysaying or whatever -- wait for the darn things to actually exist first! ;)

Personally, if I could get something along the purported form-factors of the Apple tablet, with the same kind of pressure-sensitivity & responsiveness of a Wacom graphics tablet, I'd be in heaven. I'd try and load up Corel Painter so fast, I'd probably melt the interface.

Same for the Microsoft Courier. For work, I'd be ecstatic ... I'd dump my paper notebooks in a heartbeat. Imagine being able to search through (and find!) all notes relating to a specific topic or project, in something the same size as a Franklin Covey organizer? I don't care if the Courier videos are merely mockups or whatever -- they're exactly what I would be able to successfully use on a day-in, day-out basis.

Bring them both on, I say, and let the market decide if they're a success, and not just the vociferous outcries of an admitted minority (including me ;) )

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