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Hardware, Embedded Systems Just when you thought you saw it all. So, we all know about Psystar, the two lawsuits between them and Apple, and all the other stuff that's been regurgitated about ten million times on OSNews alone. Well, that little company has taken its business to the next level - by announcing an OEM licensing program.
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RE[5]: Oh no..
by Laurence on Tue 6th Oct 2009 15:44 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Oh no.."
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Have they not shown any innovation? Haven't they put any care into their hardware products?

i didn 't say any of that. stop exaggerating what I said to try and win your own point.

If they're really so mundane, so "off-the-shelf", why isn't the world filled with Apple-quality hardware?

The world is filled with "Apple-quality hardware".
it 's also filled with poorer quality hardware too, but you CAN buy "Apple-quality hardware" off the shell.

As I said before, Apple don't own Intel so why would Intel deny their biggest userbase (Windows) their best processors? To suggest that PC users can't build solid systems with high-quality components is absoltely insane.

Why did it take Apple to turn the portable music player and smartphone markets on their heads? Why isn't everybody doing it?

this isn't about embedded devices, it's about desktops.
However, if you want to talk about embedded devices, then you should know that:
* the iPhone isn't the only capacitive nor multi-touch smartphone handset
* the iPhone wasn't the 1st device to have an app store
* the iPhone wasn't the 1st smartphone to have a digital compass
* the iPhone wasn't the 1st smartphone to have GPS, 3G, Edge or an number of other features.
...i could go on, but I'm at work.

So sure, the iPhone shook up the market and combined a number of existing technologies together very well and with a well thought out UI. But it's not the all singing and all dancing JesusPhone (TM) some make out.

But as I said before, this topic isn't about embedded devices so lets please stay on topic.

Ah, could it be that the software is attractive too? Damn right. And I bet lots of companies would like to be able to bundle OS X with their own computers. Guess what: you can't.

That's for the courts to decide - not you.

Not if you break other laws in the process. And by bundling OS X you break basic copyright law. Apple made the software and Apple gets to dictate what you can do with it. You can't do what Psystar is doing. Period.

The Apple vs Psystar suits will show this. And I suggest you think really long and hard about what it would mean if Apple loses, because it would be a blow for copyright itself.

I don't think you understand copywrite law nor this case.
I'd suggest you read through the [read more] rather than posting "knee-jerk reactions" to the headlines.

This case is a great deal more complex than you're simplifying and Psystar are within their rights to hack the open source kernel as described by the terms of the kernel's license.

I would go into more detail about how you've misunderstood the complexity of the situation, but I wouldn't do the case any justice and Thom's already spent hours reviewing the situation for people to read (or not in your case).

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