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Hardware, Embedded Systems Just when you thought you saw it all. So, we all know about Psystar, the two lawsuits between them and Apple, and all the other stuff that's been regurgitated about ten million times on OSNews alone. Well, that little company has taken its business to the next level - by announcing an OEM licensing program.
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RE: hilarious
by DrillSgt on Wed 7th Oct 2009 15:06 UTC in reply to "hilarious"
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I'm finding the gall of these people amusing - to set up an OEM cetification and licensing program for their software while at the same time they are completely disregarding the fact that Apple has not agreed to license its operating system to them for OEM resale.

I am not saying they are right or wrong. However, your statement is misleading, as they are not selling OS X as OEM, but rather the software they use to boot and install OS X. They are selling OS X at retail from my understanding, so not as an OEM product, nor at OEM pricing.

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