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Internet & Networking After long negotiations and back and forths between the EU, Microsoft, and other browser makers, Microsoft's browser ballot proposal has been amended and offered up for debate yet again by the EU; this time around, it will actually be tested out by consumers. A number of changes have been made since the first proposal, so let's take a look.
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if the goal is to prevent a browser from becoming dominant. So at the beginning of each month, check the marketshare, and show the browsers in reverse of that order. That way, it's self-correcting.

So right now, IE should be listed last. Later, FF will be listed last (it's inevitable that it will become the #1 marketshare browser, and that was the case even before this ballot thingy).

(Opera would always be listed first, or nearly so. They'll always be at or near the bottom in marketshare and they'll have one less excuse when this ballot doesn't change their fortunes one iota.)

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