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Legal Here on OSNews I've already talked about various copyright related issues here in The Netherlands - obviously because I'm Dutch and live there. As a small nation, the copyright issues we face here serve as nice, comprehensible discussion starters that we can all grok. Well, we've got another one. Our own RIAA equivalent has caused quite the stir by announcing that they will start charging bloggers and social website users for embedding YouTube videos with copyrighted content. Say what?
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This is wrong
by werfu on Wed 7th Oct 2009 21:03 UTC
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This is totally plain wrong. If you put a video of you playing some classic music (let's say Chopin) on the piano, then you shouldn't have to pay copyright because, first it's public domain, second you're the one playing and own the copyright for the interpretation. Now, what garantee them that the track that's playing in the video is of one of them artist member? Do they have the right to collect of other international artist?

I live in Canada and I have to pay a levy on virgin CD because some morons think that I deserve to because I could copy music on them. Well, first I don't burn audio CD, I simply use my mp3 player, and secondly, I don't like french canadian music () so I listen mostly to american and some european artists (english singing ones).

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