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Legal Here on OSNews I've already talked about various copyright related issues here in The Netherlands - obviously because I'm Dutch and live there. As a small nation, the copyright issues we face here serve as nice, comprehensible discussion starters that we can all grok. Well, we've got another one. Our own RIAA equivalent has caused quite the stir by announcing that they will start charging bloggers and social website users for embedding YouTube videos with copyrighted content. Say what?
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The Australian government...
by mrhasbean on Wed 7th Oct 2009 22:29 UTC
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2006-04-03 currently "testing" mandatory internet filters for all ISP's. Despite every leading authority indicating it will create major slowdowns and not provide the supposed protection they are touting for children, and major outcries from tens of thousands of respondents to petitions, they are pushing ahead with the scheme. Further, the methodology, impact and security results of the test have not, and will not be made available on the basis that it could somehow compromise the project. The Government will have total control over what is filtered and what is allowed through, without having to answer to anyone or even tell anyone if the "test" was successful or not - because there is no publicly available measure anyway.

The reason I mention this here is because of the reference to the article about cinemas. With my conspiracy theorist hat squarely in place, I see it like this.

A number of years ago Mr Gates made a comment about finding a way to effectively advertise on the internet, but nobody has really been able to do this. Progressively we're seeing young people moving their entertainment away from the TV toward the internet because it gives them more choice and less intrusive advertising. But what does this mean for the big media moguls? Less viewers, less advertising revenue. Can't effectively advertise on the internet so they need their viewers back. How do they achieve this? Well, by convincing Joe and Joanne Lunchbucket that the world and especially the internet isn't safe for their kids - all those predators and terrorists have moved online now and are just waiting for the kids to log in so they can molest them over the 'net or teach them how to make bombs - they've paved the way for things like this proposed mandatory filter. By getting in the ear of the copyright activists they pave the way for things like this Dutch "plan". Once they slow the internet to a crawl and / or make it not financially viable for kids to use for entertainment purposes, well...

And the backup plan? Well if everything is filtered it's pretty easy to embed whatever advertising / propaganda you please. Go try one of the free VPN services and check out the lovely (large) advertising section at the top of every page you load. Sadly it seems this is the shape of things to come. And if at the moment you're thinking "pffft, thats only in Australia though - doesn't impact me at all". Well think about this - again, conspiracy theorist hat firmly in place. Wouldn't you test this scenario first on a relatively small population (eg. Australia, Netherlands) just to gauge what the backlash (if any) is? In Australia, most of the population have no idea it's even happening - because as in most countries, the population are generally very ignorant of the things their governing bodies and major corporations do to them.

Welcome to the future. Although we could be forgiven for thinking it's actually 25 years in the past...

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