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Internet & Networking After long negotiations and back and forths between the EU, Microsoft, and other browser makers, Microsoft's browser ballot proposal has been amended and offered up for debate yet again by the EU; this time around, it will actually be tested out by consumers. A number of changes have been made since the first proposal, so let's take a look.
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RE[6]: Comment by Kroc
by sbergman27 on Wed 7th Oct 2009 22:36 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Kroc"
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I completely disagree. IE is at 65% and dropping really fast. Depending on where you live, it may not even be the most used browser. Not only that, but studies are showing that IE is mostly used by people who have no control over the browser that they use (like people at work).

I so disagree. 65% and dropping fast? That's a little optimistic.

People who have no control over what they use? Like at work? How about sysadmins at work who have no choice about what to provide, because third parties require it for critical business apps that we have to use?

Home users have it easy. I have it easy for my personal use. I can flip the bird to any site whose admins and designers piss me off with their arrogance.

But when I am wearing my sysadmin cap, and my users are depending upon me to get the job done, I don't have that flexibility. And if I've got to provide IE and then go discretely vomit in the corner for having been forced to do that for no good administrative reason...

I do not have that problem with any other browser. Not one. IE is unique in that respect. And I do not see respite close at hand.

I have the greatest respect for you. But from my perspective, I can't help but feel that you are being a bit complacent in this matter. Although I do agree that things have gotten remarkably better than they used to be.

Edit: But the situation still reeks!

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