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Internet & Networking After long negotiations and back and forths between the EU, Microsoft, and other browser makers, Microsoft's browser ballot proposal has been amended and offered up for debate yet again by the EU; this time around, it will actually be tested out by consumers. A number of changes have been made since the first proposal, so let's take a look.
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RE[7]: Comment by Kroc
by google_ninja on Wed 7th Oct 2009 23:21 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Kroc"
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thats where i get my numbers from. They aren't perfect, but it is the best we can realistically hope to get.

there are a great many companies where you are only allowed to install software that has been vetted by IT. Firefox uses a non standard installer on windows, which makes it a royal pain to deploy on a windows network. That means that in big windows installations, unless you have a good IT team who are willing to go the extra mile, chances are you are stuck with IE.

The other issue is what you brought up, virtually any intranet webapp that was written more then about 8 or 9 years ago is probably IE only (and probably only IE6). This will make up the minds of even good IT teams to only vet IE, since that is the only browser that will work with their internal tools. Anything written the last 9 years or so has less and less excuse to be IE only, and nowadays if someone writes something that is IE only it is a pretty good sign of incompetence.

This is where IE still has a stranglehold, and if you are going to correct things through legislation, this is where you need to do it.

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