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Linux Mind your manners, now. We're not saying that they do in general. There's just a good chap who has come up with a list in two parts of varied Linux distributions that he deems use-worthy. He also gives a short description about them and a link to their project websites. Some are the obvious Ubuntu, Gentoo, and other major players, but others you may or may not have heard of and may find useful. Enjoy reading part one from May of this year and part two that was published just recently in October. What are some of the perhaps more obscure Linux distributions that you've found useful and noteworthy?
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RE: Mandriva?
by josi on Thu 8th Oct 2009 01:40 UTC in reply to "Mandriva?"
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Yeah, you're right. Excluding Mandriva from such a list just show that the person who made it doesn't have a clue.

If you are going to make such a list, at least do some research. Listing the distros used by your friends isn't enough. Mandriva is still one of the major players, allthough it probably isn't the most used in North America.

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