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Debian and its clones It's hard to turn a news item like this into a front page item, but I'm going to try anyway, because I think it's pretty cool news. As we all know, Debian supports a number of architectures as 'release architectures', but what some of you may not be aware of is that Debian also supports a number of kernels other than Linux. One of those, the FreeBSD kernel, has been promoted to release status, putting it on equal footing with the Linux variant.
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strange idea
by _xmv on Thu 8th Oct 2009 10:37 UTC
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I have yet to find a really strong reason for doing so.
I'm quite happy with my linux/debian system and my freebsd systems.

Both kernels offer very similar features with minor exceptions (usually, things exist as patches like jails) and arguably similar performance.

The userland is all BSD licensed which makes things easy when you are using this in a company. Also, the BSD userland is pretty good. The port system is also quite fine. Maybe all that people wanted was a binary repo for the ports, but decided to switch the whole userland to GPL-licensed programs to do so.

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