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Legal Here on OSNews I've already talked about various copyright related issues here in The Netherlands - obviously because I'm Dutch and live there. As a small nation, the copyright issues we face here serve as nice, comprehensible discussion starters that we can all grok. Well, we've got another one. Our own RIAA equivalent has caused quite the stir by announcing that they will start charging bloggers and social website users for embedding YouTube videos with copyrighted content. Say what?
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Currently the Buma/Stemra made a little turn:
now embedding will become free for social networks and non-commercial websites.

See (in Dutch language).

I guess the next question will be about how they will be recognizing a (non) commercial blog. But I guess they still did not get the point: also commercials blogs are promoting music from the artists that the Buma/Stemra are currently "protecting". Why wouldn't they want free publicity for their members ? Because they can immediately earn money from it ? Still sounds a little shortsighted to me. But fortunately I am not in the music business.

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