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Hardware, Embedded Systems The future of integrated graphics processors lies somewhere on the dies of future processors, that much is a certainty. However, this creates a big problem for NVIDIA, whose chipset business will be out, of well, business. Beating everybody to the punch, the company announced yesterday that it is ceasing all development on future chipsets, citing unfair business practices from Intel.
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RE: Cry me a river...not!
by sgtarky on Sat 10th Oct 2009 22:34 UTC in reply to "Cry me a river...not!"
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And good ridance to bad rubbish.

At least one won't have to worry about what kind of
defective crap is in a nvidia-based laptop...

+1000 I would love to stick my hp tx1210 up an hp or nvidia engineers ass. The laptop I really want to buy right now is the asus g51 unfortunately it has the nvidia chipset(at least it is replaceable) and evenone says it runs hot as hell.

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