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Intel "Imad Sousou is the director of Intel's Open Source Technology Centre, which is behind the Moblin project aimed at providing optimized Linux technology for netbooks and mobile Internet devices. ZDNet Asia's sister site ZDNet UK caught up with Sousou at the Open Source In Mobile 09 event in Amsterdam last month to discuss the nature of Moblin and the hardware on which it will run." The interview also covers Intel's views on the netbook and MID market, Windows 7, ARM as a competitor, and Google's Chrome OS and how Intel is working with Google.
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Yeah, right.
by strcpy on Sun 11th Oct 2009 05:49 UTC
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From the article:

What do you mean? Are you saying that Web is designed for the x86 platform?

Fundamentally, that's true. It's designed for the PC in general and, unless your platform is designed to be PC-compatible, you will always...if you are able to show 90 percent of the Internet but you cannot show ESPN and MTV and whatever your top 10 Web sites are, which are generally media-rich, that's what people use those devices for. These are connected devices for Internet--the point of being connected is to use the Internet.

Yeah, right.

Except crap like Flash, "the internet" works quite fine on my Sparc64, thank you. And it surely was not designed for your precious x86. Nor was it designed for PCs, for that matter.

Go away and take your Moblin with you.

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