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Morphos Not too long ago we published a review of AmigaOS 4.1, which made some readers argue we should take a look at MorphOS as well. However, nobody currently makes any MorphOS compatible hardware, so I had nowhere to go and beg. Luckily, OSNews reader AmigaRobbo generously offered to loan me his EFIKA machine, with MorphOS installed. I took a look at MorphOS, and found a very quick and efficient operating system - which was sadly held back by the limitations of the EFIKA.
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RE[2]: Nice Review, I Concur
by AmigaRobbo on Sun 11th Oct 2009 11:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice Review, I Concur"
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MorphOS, will be released for all makes of PPC MacMini, hopefully by the end of the year, Possibly sooner.
AmigaOS4.1 had early ports for the MacMini, but have been officially abandoned. I can't say I agree with with that, but it's what Hyperion wanted.

The Sam Flex, capable of running OS4.1 are still available

In the UK:-

Other sellers are available.

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