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Mac OS X Way back, when we were recovering from our hangovers from the millennium parties, Apple introduced, for the first time, Mac OS X and the Aqua user interface. This was still a preview, so it wasn't quite as polished and finished, of course. It also contained a feature that never made it into the final releases: single-window mode. Or did it...?
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Single-application mode is great
by mrnagrom on Sun 11th Oct 2009 13:54 UTC
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i've been using single app mode for a month now. i love it, the computer feels considerably faster and everything is task oriented instead of slopping all over the place.

so now instead of seeing 2500 things open on my desktop when i'm working i just see each task as i'm doing it or group tasks together like when i'm deploying a rails app i have versions and 2 terminals open and that's all i see.

it's really helped clear my head and focus on what i need to focus on.

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