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Morphos Not too long ago we published a review of AmigaOS 4.1, which made some readers argue we should take a look at MorphOS as well. However, nobody currently makes any MorphOS compatible hardware, so I had nowhere to go and beg. Luckily, OSNews reader AmigaRobbo generously offered to loan me his EFIKA machine, with MorphOS installed. I took a look at MorphOS, and found a very quick and efficient operating system - which was sadly held back by the limitations of the EFIKA.
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Comment by chainq
by chainq on Sun 11th Oct 2009 15:29 UTC
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"The MorphOS team also shows its commitment to newcomers to the Amiga world by loading the Click-to-Front utility by default."

Just for the record: there's no such thing as a click-to-front utility on MorphOS. The MorphOS' intuition.library (the heart of the GUI) can do everything for you in this manner, and much more. All such windowing-behaviour, mouse commands, hotkeys, whatever else can be controlled and fully customized to users' needs via the iControl page in System Preferences.

It's true tho' that the default configuration is tuned to match the needs of an average user as much as possible, still with respect the roots of the system in the Am*ga world.

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