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Graphics, User Interfaces InfoWorld's John Rizzo chronicles the 20 most significant ideas and features Microsoft and Apple have stolen from each other in the lead up to Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard. 'Some features were stolen so long ago that they've become part of the computing landscape, and it's difficult to remember who invented what.' Windows 7's Task Bar and Aero Peek come to mind as clear appropriations of Mac OS X's Dock and Expose. Apple's cloning of the Windows address bar in 2007's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as the path bar is another obvious 'inspiration.' But the borrowing goes deeper, Rizzo writes, providing a screenshot tour of Microsoft's biggest grabs from Mac OS X and Apple's most significant appropriations of Windows OS ideas and functionality.
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How about anything borrowed from Linux?
by Fusion on Mon 12th Oct 2009 18:32 UTC
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We frequently remark on all the ideas that Linux has borrowed from Apple and Microsoft in an effort to be 'on par' with their user experience... but I feel like there are a few often neglected items that have found their way into the Apple/Windows world from Linux. Virtual Workspaces, for example, have been part of almost every linux desktop environment (even the 'light weight' / minimalist ones) forever and were only recently introduced as a 'feature' of OSX (when Leopard was released, I believe).

I could be very mistaken, but I also believe the whole PostIt!/"Sticky Note" concept has been available in GNOME and KDE for ages...and may possibly pre-date related implementations in Win or Apple camps.

Also, as noted by a number of people as soon as the first builds of Win7 leaked... the taskbar appears to borrow more aesthetic inspiration from KDE4's panel than it does the Dock. But that's likely more an amalgamation of ideas than anything.

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