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Mac OS X We generally don't report on individual bugs or security issues in operating systems, but a pretty serious bug has reared its ugly head in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. If you had a guest account enabled prior to installing Snow Leopard, then you are at risk of losing all your data.
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Are you sure "everyone"? ALL Mac users?

Yes making backups is good, but not everyone does it. I do backups and put it on online storage, but not using Time Machine.

Anyway, this bug (or feature) on Snow Leopard is not acceptable. Imagine you have a friend come to your home and want to borrow your Mac, you login as Guest for him/ her. After he/ she used your computer, you will find that all your data is lost when you login to your primary account, no one knows if you will blame him/ her for the lost.

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