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FreeBSD Not too long ago, Apple open sourced its Grand Central Dispatch library, which aids in developing multithreaded code. It was suggested that it could be ported to other platforms, and the FreeBSD team has done exactly that. They have also done a lot of work related to getting GCD to work in a POSIX environment.
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RE[3]: Neato
by clei on Tue 13th Oct 2009 20:09 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Neato"
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Being a Ph.D. student specializing in computer architecture, I have experience that tells me that something like GCD can be very helpful. It's not a slam-dunk solution, but it is a nice solution to the problem of system-wide resource allocation. Before GCD (or equivalent), parallel processing people either assumed they would have the machine to themselves, or they would have to guess about what other processes are going to be running at the same time.

The fact that you are a Ph.D. student specializing in computer architecture is the exact proof that this is basically a useless solution.

We've seen this kind of nonsense spewed from the mouths of KNOW-NOTHING-IDIOTS like yourself over the decades concering GUI's,Filesystems,Computer Hardware/Software,AI,ect,ect,ect, and 90% of the time you clowns have been *FLAT-OUT-WRONG* about both what the problem was and the soloution to the problem.

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