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FreeBSD Not too long ago, Apple open sourced its Grand Central Dispatch library, which aids in developing multithreaded code. It was suggested that it could be ported to other platforms, and the FreeBSD team has done exactly that. They have also done a lot of work related to getting GCD to work in a POSIX environment.
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Because FreeBSD make nothing worthwile of it's own accord ... Otherwise you would have named them by now.

Because you are a Linux user you must bash the nice work being done in the BSDs arenas?

AFAIK, jemalloc was born inside of FreeBSD, this is one of the best memory allocators found currently and is being used in Firefox since 3.0. FreeBSD does not aport anything?

The "ports" package manager was born in FreeBSD and similar technology is being used in OpenBSD (port collection), NetBSD and DragonFly (pkgsrc), MacOSX (MacPorts and DarwinPorts) and in Linux (Gentoo's Portage)...

"Jails" is another good contribution of BSD implementing similar technologies in Solaris (Zones).

HammerFS is a nice filesystem written by the main DragonFly developer.

OpenSSH was born in OpenBSD.

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