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Graphics, User Interfaces InfoWorld's John Rizzo chronicles the 20 most significant ideas and features Microsoft and Apple have stolen from each other in the lead up to Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard. 'Some features were stolen so long ago that they've become part of the computing landscape, and it's difficult to remember who invented what.' Windows 7's Task Bar and Aero Peek come to mind as clear appropriations of Mac OS X's Dock and Expose. Apple's cloning of the Windows address bar in 2007's Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard as the path bar is another obvious 'inspiration.' But the borrowing goes deeper, Rizzo writes, providing a screenshot tour of Microsoft's biggest grabs from Mac OS X and Apple's most significant appropriations of Windows OS ideas and functionality.
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You nicely missed the part of TECO and the "E-editor" in the Wikipedia.

I did mention Gosling Emacs (a clear example of *direct* precedence), which was 'nuff said. I couldn't have mentioned it if I'd planned to "hide evidence", as you seem to be implying. Like this, I "nicely missed" most of the Wikipedia article, and so did you.

Also, you seem to imply that my quotes referred to two different projects, but this is basically irrelevant, since we're talking about innovation, which is a line in the sand somewhere in the seventies, not about some nominal project identity.

Then you added two quotes that I supposedly missed.

The first one was implied from my two quotes. Note the years in each.

The second one is, guess what, exactly one of my two quotes! So I obviously... didn't miss it. Actually I'm quite surprised that you honestly managed to "nicely miss" it in my message, especially since I have no idea what was at stake. One of only two quotes in a message made of only two quotes and a short punchline/conclusion, all of which were actually *supporting your original point! Come on! ;)

*Well, to be fair, my facetious boasting about fixing your previously unreferenced points may have been confusing. But then you should learn to read messages, not minds/intentions, heh. ;)

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