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Hardware, Embedded Systems In what is about as surprising as the sun rising in the morning, Michael Dell has started talking down netbooks. Dell made his comments about netbooks at the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley, and considering the impact of netbooks on manufacturers' bottom lines, it's really not that surprising.
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I have both
by jgagnon on Wed 14th Oct 2009 18:19 UTC
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I have a full size laptop that is over 3 years old with a dying battery (holds about an hour of charge now) and a netbook that I bought about a year ago (Asus EEE 1000HA) wiht a 6 hour battery. I love both for what they each can do but while using either I envy the other all too frequently. If my larger laptop could have all of its features and still have the battery life of the netbook then I'd be very happy. I can buy a $100 battery for my netbook that will make it last roughly 10 hours... there is no portable battery on the planet that will make my big laptop run for 10 hours (unless I want to carry around a full size car battery, which isn't very portable :p ).

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