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Legal So, we have Apple who is paranoid about people installing legally purchased copies of its operating system on non-Apple labelled machines. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous than that, we have a hardware company trying to prevent people from installing operating systems on its hardware. Wait, what?
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RE: Plagiarism risk?
by JoostinOnline on Wed 14th Oct 2009 18:40 UTC in reply to "Plagiarism risk?"
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You guys don't seem to understand what exactly is going on. I have actually been following this since the summer, and I have been part of the TI Community for several years (go ahead, call me a geek). Let me clear some things up:
1) JayDee, this is about 3rd-party operating systems, not adding things to a TI operating system. Besides, adding another menu is a feature found in several applications, and does not involve making changes to the OS, making it perfectly legal. It is done using things like keyhooks. TI allows it, TI does it (Catalog Help is an example, link below).

2) Sending an alternative OS is legal. TI does not own the operating systems, and have no legal control over its distribution. They are made from scratch, not from the TI-OS.

3) The OS's available (at least currently) are in no way practical. None of them are even close to finished, since it takes so long to develop an OS, especially when you are still a kid. The developers either give up or get involved in something else (dating for example, lol). The OSs are simply recreational, and are only made to show that they can be made. One of them is little more than a pong game (link below)! The one I worked on was Vera (link below), but activity slowly dropped and eventually stopped all together. The public release only shows some tests.

4) Having the keys does not make it possible to install 3rd-party OSs. That has been possible (and easy) for a long time. All it does is make it easier.

Hopefully that clears some things up for those who had a girlfriend in high school. ;)

Catalog Help


Vera OS

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