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FreeBSD Not too long ago, Apple open sourced its Grand Central Dispatch library, which aids in developing multithreaded code. It was suggested that it could be ported to other platforms, and the FreeBSD team has done exactly that. They have also done a lot of work related to getting GCD to work in a POSIX environment.
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I am currently watching in mild horror as the formerly vanquished DevFS, defeated by the FUD-slinging efforts of Greg Kroah-Hartmann, to be replaced (accompanied by much user pain) by udev... is now coming back, in the form of DevFS II, which is to replace (also surely to be accompanied by much user pain) udev. And did I mention that Greg is co-author or DevFS II?

It's not really called DevFS II. But that's how I think of it. I don't recall its real name.

Oh nooo!! Not again :-( I sure hope Red Hat, KDE and other teams have developed solid and flexible enough hardware abstracting layers to keep us from smashing to badly into that transition. Make sure to enjoy your easily pluggable hardware while it lasts ;-)

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