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Legal So, we have Apple who is paranoid about people installing legally purchased copies of its operating system on non-Apple labelled machines. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous than that, we have a hardware company trying to prevent people from installing operating systems on its hardware. Wait, what?
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RE: What you own
by ritesh_nair on Thu 15th Oct 2009 00:11 UTC in reply to "What you own"
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Dude you are right.

Its like buying a car and also purchasing that red Calvin Klien underwear, or even lingerie.

Cars cannot be driven by anyone else.
The car has a digitizer. Your thumb print is the only one allowed. You cannot sell it. if you do then you can be jained.. (Non-autodusk). Cos they cant make money from it.

You can wear red underwear only on fridays.
If you wear it on any other day , they will conficicate the same and leave you in jail without the underwear.

The lingerie should be worn only by the designater woman you buy it for.If your girl and wife both have this lovely shape that you can use it here and there... then sorry, they have the right to come into your bed room and conficicate the firl / wife and the lingerie.

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