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Morphos As we all know, the MorphOS team recently released MorphOS 2.4, which added support for the PowerPC G4 version of Apple's Mac Mini. Even though this long-awaited 'feature' is a very welcome one, I personally think that of all the G4 Macs MorphOS could support, the Mini is the least interesting. As such, I want to find out if any other G4 Macs happen to be supported too - without us knowing about it.
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I'm not aware of any way to access the EFI on Intel Macs the way you could access Openfirmware on the ppc Macs. EFI is modular and a control interface need not be included if the OEM doesn't wish to, and I do not believe Apple included any type of EFI shell other than the boot device selector (hold down option key at boot-up, or C to boot from CD/DVD) . I really loved Openfirmware though, too bad there's no x86 systems that have it or another CLI-based boot firmware. Might be time for me to find a decently-priced Sparc workstation, I've always wanted one of those and that's where Openfirmware originated.

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