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Google "There are countless pundits and other tech gurus describing Google Wave as a disappointment, lately. Most of that seems to come from the fact that nobody seems to get what Wave is for. So they compare it to social media. Is Wave the next Twitter? Nope. Is it the next Facebook? Nope. Is it going to replace Instant Messengers? Possibly, in some circumstances, but not any time soon." Read more here.
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Glad some people are getting it
by Praxis on Thu 15th Oct 2009 21:23 UTC
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I'm glad I'm seeing more people getting it as time goes on. When it first came out and people where describing it as the next twitter or facebook, I had absolutely no idea where they were coming from since Wave doesn't resemble them in the slightest. If you pay attention to the underlying protocols they are pretty clear about what its used for, it allows for real time collaborative editing of a document. Everything else is using UI, rules and permissions to shape the user experience and use cases. Of course Google still has a long way to go with the implementation and lots of fairly basic features are still missing, but we are still talking about very alpha level software.

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