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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "Kubuntu has been my favorite Linux distribution since the very first release. It was made specifically for us KDE fans, branded with beautiful Kubuntu-specific artwork and themes, contained the best Qt-based software, and dared to be different. In a world ruled by Ubuntu, it's given us KDE fans something to root for. Unfortunately, Kubuntu later became known as Canonical's third wheel, and each release seems to steadily diminish in quality. What's responsible for its current status, and what should be done to improve it?"
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No well made KDE distros? I beg to differ. I'm using Mandriva, and I'm loving it. Yes, it has its faults, but it is definitely a good distro.

I've tried most of the others and I agree they all suck (mainly because they can't be bothered to provide anything beyond the KDE default theme), but Mandriva has done a very good job indeed.

The only thing I miss about Kubuntu is .deb package management. ;)

As for Kubuntu? Well, I've just about given up. 9.04 was such a big disaster that I doubt I'll bother with 9.10. I might try 10.04 to see if it's any good, but they've lost a lot of my trust with the last few releases.

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