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BeOS & Derivatives Today marks an entire week of using Haiku as my primary operating system. This is my first PC to get the most out of any BeOS related operating system to date. My old 200MHz Toshiba ran R5 PE just fine but without any networking. My eMachine ran Zeta just fine, but once again, there were networking issues (and Zeta was pronounced dead around this time). In the age of the Internet, this pretty much forced me away from BeOS and its decendants until now.
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As someone who, until July, has used Zeta (BeOS derivate) as main (and only!) OS at home, I think I have a say in this, and I agree with Tuishimi.

Several basic operations cannot be done. Many Flash sites (there are many, even ones you'll need), many Java sites (internet banking, to name an example) - you can pretty much forget about those to be accessible.

Then let's talk about Office compatibility. DOCX... XLSX... no? Oh. DOC support is minimal. You're not able to even import graphics embedded within the documents. So the only thing you can turn to is Google Docs. It's a life saver!

I also started missing Skype support by the way.

Conclusion: I still love BeOS and would switch to Haiku in a heartbeat if I could run it as my primary OS. I'm currently very happy to not have these limitations anymore under Mac OS X. So I agree with Eugenia and Tuishimi... it is not really possible at this point. I've accepted & lived with the impairments for several years and now they have gotten to a point where they are too difficult to handle, I had to make a switch to a different OS. This is the reality right now.

P.S.: Note that I do *NOT* wish to complain about these impairments. I voluntarily chose to accept the lack of support of some technological advancements and I was okay with it. I still do not regret it and I commend this article's author to have given it a shot.

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