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BeOS & Derivatives Today marks an entire week of using Haiku as my primary operating system. This is my first PC to get the most out of any BeOS related operating system to date. My old 200MHz Toshiba ran R5 PE just fine but without any networking. My eMachine ran Zeta just fine, but once again, there were networking issues (and Zeta was pronounced dead around this time). In the age of the Internet, this pretty much forced me away from BeOS and its decendants until now.
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If you are not interested in a browser that actually works adequately and without major slow-downs and crashes, then sure, it's a good deal. But if you are into the Internet age, then Haiku doesn't cut it.

I beg to differ - I've personally used plain 'ol R5 on my main work computer since mid-2003. In fact this is for a company that mainly focuses on Internet-related services, so I'm a bit puzzled by the "if you are into the Internet age, then Haiku doesn't cut it" claim.

I like Haiku as an idea, and I wish the best for the project.

You've chosen some strange ways of expressing those sentiments.

But I would never use it as my main OS. It doesn't do anything that I want to do properly.

So don't use it, no (reasonable) person will fault you for that. But why crap on someone whose needs it DOES meet?

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