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Microsoft Whilst it's not okay in Microsoft's eyes for Google to install a plugin into Internet Explorer, increasing the potential surface area of attack, when Microsoft do it to Firefox, it's a different matter. Now a security hole has been found in a plugin that Microsoft have been silently installing into Firefox.
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RE[5]: Opt-in
by Erunno on Sat 17th Oct 2009 11:35 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Opt-in"
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Thanks for the corrections, and I had forgot to add IE8/Vista to my list, which sandboxes plugins too.

IE8 and Chrome both feature a process-per-tab model (although in reality there are exceptions when a new tab is run in the same process as its parent, at least on Chrome). Safari only outsources plug-ins into processes, probably mainly to be able to run 32-bit stuff like Flash. Interestingly enough, although IE8 also runs Flash in a separate process it is not able to use it in a 32/64 bit mixed mode like Safari, i.e. Flash does not work with 64-bit IE8.

And I don't want to sound patronizing by repeating myself but Chrome does not sandbox plug-ins by default. I know that there are different opinions on what constitutes sandboxing but in the context of Chrome calling a separate process a sandbox does not apply since Chrome additionally is able to lock down individual processes.

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