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Microsoft Whilst it's not okay in Microsoft's eyes for Google to install a plugin into Internet Explorer, increasing the potential surface area of attack, when Microsoft do it to Firefox, it's a different matter. Now a security hole has been found in a plugin that Microsoft have been silently installing into Firefox.
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RE[3]: Opt-in
by mrAmiga500 on Sat 17th Oct 2009 12:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Opt-in"
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This exactly one reason why regardless of your OS, you might be easily owned.

Sure it is harder to get Virus and other type of malaware deployed in MacOS X, Linux and other systems. But if your browser gets owned, you might just say goodbye to your data. Remeber the browser has full rights to access all files with your user rights.

Just because you stay away of Windows, don't think that you are safe.

I think when I browse with my Amiga 500 I'm pretty safe. I dare anybody to try to "own" me and steal my files. ;)

You're right though and I think this is a shameful situation. I remember when browsers just displayed text and images - and that's all. There was no way to hack into the OS. Now, browsers are getting too complex and adding too many features that become security risks. I like handy new features, but not if there is any chance it gives away control of MY computer.

I don't ever want software being installed without my permission. I don't ever want software to connect to the internet without my permission. I don't even like it when software accesses the hard drive when I didn't ask it to do anything. We're losing control and are now at the mercy of software instead of being in charge.

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