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OSNews, Generic OSes For a very long time now, OSNews' comment sections were governed by a set of rules that dated back to the very early days of OSNews. This set of rules has been amended a number of times over the years, but we were never really comfortable with such a dry, silly list of arbitrary rules that nobody read anyway. They were too much like an... EULA. So, we decided a change was in order, and I started work on a completely new approach.
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We weren't speaking Latin, were we?

Well, the language one speaks doesn't really depend of one single word.
But, just because someone else assumed that "hyperbola" is the Latin nominative of the Greek word υπερβολή: no, the correct Latin Nominative is "hyperbole". It was not a Latin word; it was a Greek word used by educated Romans.

Υπερβολή is a Greek word because α) the Greeks still use it today, and β)"υπερ" (over, in favour of, more than) has meaning only in Greek, not in Latin or English, and the same holds true for "βολή" (the throw).

And while we're being really pedantic,

You called me ;)

hyperbole comes from ancient Greek, so technically, the plural would be υπερβολαί.

Yep, but not for contemporary Greeks. Their plural is υπερβολές.

Gosh I never could've guessed my classical education in Latin and Greek would come in handy at a Pedantics' Competition on OSNews ;) .

It's always quite handy. Στην υγειά σου ;)

You probably never thought about all this anyway

Administering a political forum I have to think about this and it's not easy. Therefore thanks for your "implicit trust" approach.

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