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Windows A little over two weeks ago, Microsoft released Microsoft Security Essentials, a security software suite protecting users of Windows against malware and viruses. The company has released data about the number of downloads and fixed infections, and the results are encouraging.
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Iv'e been running this since the beta
by jspaloss on Sat 17th Oct 2009 18:21 UTC
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On my systems at home and in the office. I have also been testing it on infected systems that come into the shop. (We are a small repair shop.) I like it so far, but I have run across the following issues:

It seems that you must run as administrator to receive program updates, at least on XP. I'm not sure about definition updates. This is a step backwards from other AV programs. I can't see why the service responsible for the updates can't run at a higher privilege level than the logged in user and perform the update.

I also have seen a few instances where MSMPENG.exe decides to take 100% of the CPU. This was only on a small minority of machines, mostly older boxes.

Other than these two issues, I absolutely love it.

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