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Legal Remember the motions for a summary judgement filed by Apple and Psystar earlier this week? Large parts of them were censored per Apple's request. These censored parts detailed the protection measures Apple put in place in Leopard to prevent it from being installed on non-Apple labelled computers. Psystar filed a motion a few days ago asking the judge to uncensor the information.
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They got their profit when whomever PURCHASED a copy of OSX. [EDIT] Hell Apple should be making more profit on OS sales overall than just about anyone as, likely, the VAST majority of their products are bought directly from them either online or through their retail stores, so no middle retailers for the most part taking a large bite of the profit... [/EDIT]

That said, years ago MacOS development USED to be funded, partially, by hardware sales. I'm not really sure that's true any longer. In any event, Apple'd likely be better off selling OSX installable directly OOB on any x86 hw, not just their vastly overpriced hw.

Also I'm still peeved that Jobs nixed the final Mac OS 9.X release which one of the system engineers stated that they had a pre-emptive multi-tasking kernel and protected memory ready to ship and maybe they could get it out in the final Mac OS release which never happened... That was at a talk at macHack 2001, forget who the engineer was though...

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