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Microsoft Whilst it's not okay in Microsoft's eyes for Google to install a plugin into Internet Explorer, increasing the potential surface area of attack, when Microsoft do it to Firefox, it's a different matter. Now a security hole has been found in a plugin that Microsoft have been silently installing into Firefox.
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Battle of the Softwares
by mentormatt8 on Mon 19th Oct 2009 00:43 UTC
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"Along with .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, Microsoft have been silently installing a Windows Presentation Foundation Plugin that allows the embedding of XAML applications (an XML-based UI technology) in web pages, called XBAP (XAML Web App).

The exploit is drive-by, meaning that the victim only needs to be lured onto a web-page for the attack to be effective. The only safe thing to do until a patch is issued, is to open Firefox’s AddOn Manager and disable the WPF plugin. "

The battles of the softwares like these are really annoying and are not helping debug other issues. Because, who knows, was WPF plugin causing problems? Was it something else?
It took me two days, for example to figure out that ( ) WPF did NOT cause this problem with Firefox.

Now that WPF is disabled, and the problem with Blinking Close, Minimize and Restore Button on Firefox reappeared ), I know WPF was not to blame.

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