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Legal So, we have Apple who is paranoid about people installing legally purchased copies of its operating system on non-Apple labelled machines. Just when you thought it couldn't get any more ridiculous than that, we have a hardware company trying to prevent people from installing operating systems on its hardware. Wait, what?
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"Well actually there are still some rare people making demos on Ti calcs... hopefully we'll get some at the Alchimie 2k9!
Something tells me that these are people who either learned Z80 by programming Spectrums or CPCs in their youth or who are holdovers from the golden age of TI hacking. New kids just aren't coming into the scene as fast as older folks are leaving it. "
You are right. Over the last few years the population of the "TI Community" has been dropping. It used to be that at the beginning of every school year tons of people would join forums. These days, only people who have a real interest in programming join.

From "Mirage OS"
I wasn't aware there were 'real' operating systems available for TI calculators. I recall there being a few applications that were called OSes, but they were merely file browsers and/or application launchers that ran on top of the calculator's native operating system. MirageOS was one example that comes to mind.

Yeah, people almost always refer to their shells as OSs. The only true alternative OSs are far from being finished.

Nobody is going to make an OS for cheating either. It is way easier to make programs for cheating on a TI OS, so I doubt TI is worried about that (I don't know what they actually are worried about though).

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