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SCO, Caldera, Unixware Darl McBride. It's the guy everybody hates. Well, he is no longer in charge of SCO, the UNIX vendor who relentlessly litigated against Linux vendors: he has been fired as part of the Chapter 11 restructuring plans for the company. Sadly, the litigation does not end with him, as SCO's new leadership has said in a statement they will continue the litigation.
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I am sure that in New Zealand, this farcical situation would have been thrown out YEARS ago, due to this "vexatious litigant" concept.

Not necessarily... the SCO case has mostly been characterised by just a few lawsuits, but ones which have just gone on and on, constant delays and endless appeals. It's certainly been a ridiculous affair, but I don't think it's not all that good a match for the concept you're talking about.

"Vexatious Litigant" orders usually apply to individuals who initiate suits over trivia, get shot down quickly in court, and then go and start a new one. Not so much to this kind of war of endless appeal.

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