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SCO, Caldera, Unixware Darl McBride. It's the guy everybody hates. Well, he is no longer in charge of SCO, the UNIX vendor who relentlessly litigated against Linux vendors: he has been fired as part of the Chapter 11 restructuring plans for the company. Sadly, the litigation does not end with him, as SCO's new leadership has said in a statement they will continue the litigation.
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I was stuck in the waiting room at Midas for a couple of hours today having an inner tie rod replaced. And of course, it was equipped with a TV. Now... I absolutely hate TV. Being in the same room with one that is playing the sorts of trash that people watch today makes me feel like the Witch of the West must have after Dorothy threw the water on her. They were playing those "Judge Wapner meets Jerry Springer" trash "courtroom" adjudication programs. And yeah, the other customers were completely absorbed, making their opinions known about what should be done about the 23 year old girl suing her alcoholic mother for stealing her credit card(s) and maxing it (them) out. (There was some heated disagreement about the number of cards.) Etc. Etc. Etc. The trash TV droned on. And I retreated into an autistic cocoon as best I could, trying to ignore it.

But... looking at how the "judge" handled the situations, I have to wonder if I would not have preferred that these cases been handled by Judge Judy or whomever in one of their fake courtroom soundstages.

Typically, the "judge" sizes the situation up like you or I would. Not in some dry and abstract legal way that takes years and doesn't seem to mean much by the time the case is "resolved". But in a very practical, timely, and human way.

Let me tell you... Judge Perrino (or whatever her name was) would have taken Darl to task and sent him in for compulsory psychiatric treatment, pronto. (Pierce the corporate veil? I'm sure she keeps a box knife handy just for the purpose of cutting it to shreds.) She would have liquidated SCO in about 15 minutes. She would have awarded IBM, Novell, and Red Hat the proceeds. She would have indulged herself with a short soliloquy on the importance of integrity in business. And bemoaned the fact that she couldn't do anything about Chris Sontag and the others.

And the audience would have given her a standing ovation.

For that matter, so would I. In fact, I'd probably even buy the DVD. And for me, that's saying something.

But that didn't happen today. Just an endless parade of distasteful trash that doesn't matter to me. As opposed to the SCO-related parade of distasteful trash that does, of course.

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