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Apple It's getting a little bit predictable, but Apple has reported yet another stellar set of quarterly financial results. The company has sold more Macs and iPhones than the same quarter last year, but sales of the iPod were down compared to the same quarter last year. Profits and gross-margins were also up.
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Down the toiler
by Odisej on Tue 20th Oct 2009 09:22 UTC
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The company simply understands consumerism much better than others players in the field. Being worried about the trends in our society Apple's success makes me think, think hard - as it seems to indicate the rational mind went down the toilet together with wisdom and logic.

I would also be very cautious when using the word worldwide. iPod is in my experience the only "worldwide" product while iPhone had mixed success in, for example, Europe. The same goes for computers. Apple is a non-player in many regional markets.

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