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Multimedia, AV Adobe announced recently the November release of its Premiere Elements 8 package, their consumer video editor. Here's what's new.
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If you guys think that 64bit support will change your life in any way, I hate to shock you, but it probably wont. But sure, boycott 32bit software if you want (because it will make SUCH a major impact for a consumer movie editing package that probably would have trouble using 1GB of RAM), but maybe also stop and ask yourselves, what would be gained, other then the smug satisfaction that your memory usage is less efficient, and encoding is slightly (but barely noticeably) faster.

lol your an imbecile you obviously fail to understand about process space and ram mapping and swapping when process size is hit. You think consumer movie editing packages have trouble using a gb of ram? wow.. truly an idiot.

Yes I will not upgrade my version of elements until it can use all 16gb ram on my current box.

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