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Apple As expected, Apple has refreshed its entire consumer line of Macintosh computers. The Mac mini, the MacBook, and the iMac lines of computers have all been overhauled, with the MacBook even getting a complete redesign. Prices in Europe have been dropped slightly, and there's a new mouse, too.
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Big hit
by Jules on Tue 20th Oct 2009 18:39 UTC
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The iMac really seems like a very attractive package. Incredible screen, also usable without the circuitry behind it. I wonder why they don't tout this feature (HDMI-input) more: it's not even clear to me at this moment if both models support it, or just the 27" one.

I can't spare the money right now, but I'm very tempted to quit smoking (which costs me about € 200,- monthly) to buy one. Helps in the health department as well, I suppose ;)

The new mini-server is as well a great little innovation. To be able to get a computer that cheap, from Apple, with their full fledged server OS (unlimited amount of clients, a.f.a.i.k.) is simply amazing. It seems they really listened to their users (and developers for the platform) with this one.

Kudos to Apple this week.

edit: I do want the new mouse!

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