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BeOS & Derivatives Since I encountered BeOS 5 Personal Edition, my experience with BeOS PE led me to purchase the BeOS 5 Professional Edition, which I used for some years. I am not ashamed to say that I love using this OS. After the demise of Be Corp., I still used BeOS as my "main OS" since it would do everything that I needed to do, except for gaming and academic works. I closely followed all the developments of the BeOS contenders after Be's fall... Until Zeta OS became the leading standard for a short time. I purchased every Zeta OS release that YellowTab produced. It is currently my favorite BeOS version today.
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by Ricard on Wed 21st Oct 2009 00:16 UTC
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Here is a few extra details about some of the errors.

4) Beezer

This has only ever worked for me on haikuware's version of haiku. I don't know what they are doing differently, but maybe if someone started it from terminal then you could maybe tell.

13) CivCTP Demo
I think all the real civ games use a dirty hack in beos that doesn't work in haiku. Haiku ticket 2363

16) Freeciv
Try again with only files from

18) Wesnoth
The same as freeciv, the beos libraries are a bit crusty.

21) AbiWord
22) AbiWord File:

These versions of abiword don't work with haiku any more, you need to compile it from

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